Unleashing Investor Health Scores, Dashboards & Optimized Integrations

Ashley Kramer wrote this on August 30, 2019

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Our product and engineering teams just unleashed the latest version of Clienteer relationship management and fund marketing software for asset managers. For this release,  the team focused on ways to help investor relations and fund marketing teams drive strategic decision-making with the data already captured in Clienteer. As with every release, the team built additional functionality to minimize the hassle of data entry and maintenance. 

See what you can expect in the latest release:  

1. Investor Health Scores

Clienteer Investor Health Score Tracking

Monitoring investor satisfaction has become top of mind for many investor relations teams, with nearly 80% of firms devising a process to track the ebb and flow of investor satisfaction. Clienteer's new health score feature puts your rich, qualitative CRM data to work by assigning a score for each investor relationship. Investors are given a rating between 1 (a.k.a this investor is redeeming tomorrow) and 100 (this investor couldn't be any happier!). This feature calculates the health score based on meaningful interactions like important meetings, opened group emails, and website logins and document downloads.  Utilizing this functionality, you can purposefully target your most at-risk accounts and deliver the high-touch service needed to win them over.

2. Modern Dashboards

Clienteer Modern Dashboard

Clienteer's built-in dashboard screen is redesigned with new, modern graphical representations for digesting datasets like expected values by opportunity stage, capital activity by fund,  up-coming meetings, AUM breakdown by Account type and many more. Further, dashboard reports have added to specific screens within the application, including the Opportunity, Funds, and Accounts screens. Having access to quick snapshots of vital CRM data on hand helps drive decision making and process at every stage, whether you are an entry-level analyst or the firm's CEO. 

3. Optimized Data Integrations


The development team is always looking for ways to ease the burden of data management and entry for our users. Features like automatically filling in the company email domain and suggesting contacts for meetings and notes go a long way in minimizing the number of clicks it takes to enter information into the system.  However, our team didn't stop there for this release. For anyone utilizing our LinkedIn or Preqin integrations, you can now quickly rectify data for any linked Preqin or LinkedIn contacts with our inline edit mode. Simply copy columns of data from the LinkedIn or Preqin and paste them in matching Clienteer column.  This makes it a snap to update your contact with their latest job title, company, or new phone number!

Interested in seeing these new features in action? Contact us today!