The 9 Key Topics to Cover in Any RMS Demo

Lindsey Martin wrote this on April 19, 2019

step 4 - RMS Demo

Receiving a software demo is a crucial step in any team's journey in finding their best-fit RMS solution. While this seems like a straightforward process to most, demonstrations can vary significantly between each service provider and even the person presenting the software to you.

To maximize your time and derive the most value out of each demo, it's helpful to develop a checklist beforehand to ensure everything you need to make an informed decision is covered, not just what the person on the other side of the table wants to show you. Use this topical demo checklist below as a starting point in developing your own list that speaks specifically to the needs and goals of your team. This will help you obtain a clear picture of the information presented by each provider and share and discuss the results with your team.

1. How configurable is the RMS solution? Can fields, layouts, templates, and reports be easily adapted to meet the unique needs and processes of my organization?

2. How intuitive is this platform? Will our team be able to learn and adopt this system quickly?

3. What is the process for creating and capturing research? Would our team consider this better than what we have today for this process?

4. What features and functions does the RMS tool have for standardizing aspects of our research management process?

5. Will this system provide me with increased visibility and enhanced reporting on all our research and due diligence activities across asset classes?

6. Is this platform mobile friendly?

7. What are the search capabilities of this RMS tool? Would I be able to easily locate and retrieve information?

8. What is this level of API integrations that this RMS platform supports? Will I be able to easily integrate this system with the tools I have in place or add over time?

9. What does the product roadmap look like? Am I confident that this service provider is consistently implementing beneficial updates and changes that will continue to meet my firm's needs in the future?

Download and review this set of standardized questions across all RMS provider demos will help you accurately determine which solution will be the best fit for your team. Once your demos are complete, use this list to lead discussions on the different capabilities of each RMS and determine which solution(s) most effectively solves your current research practice pain-points.

This open discussion with your team will help you get buy-in everyone in the decision-making process and dwindle your list down to a handful of potential providers for reference calls.

Looking for your next steps? Check out our RMS buyers guide to learn more about how to effectively find the best solution for your research management needs.