Say Hello to Yuliia: Implementation Manager and Orchid Enthusiast

Aaron Korte wrote this on July 29, 2019

July’s employee spotlight features Yuliia Vorobiova, a dedicated Clienteer implementation manager.  Yuliia works in Imagineer’s Ukrainian office and is committed to assisting the development team in improving Clienteer, our fund marketing and investor relations solutionYuliia’s coworkers were unanimous in describing her as a pragmatic and open coworker who is always willing to help find solutions to any problems.

See how her career at Imagineer has become an intersection of family, gardening, and teamwork below: 

Tell me about your journey to your current role as an Implementation Manager at Imagineer.  

"After graduating from college, I began looking for a job in the technology industry and had applied to Imagineer. After my first interview with the team, I was hooked and made it my goal to work at this company. Luckily everything worked out, and now, I've been working here for 5 years. And as it turns out, actually met my husband at Imagineer at a team party!"

What is an interesting fact about yourself?  

"I'm a huge fan of orchids, and I have more than 70 species originating from all over the world. They require meticulous care and patience, but a long orchid blossoming is well worth its salt."

What is your favorite thing about working at Imagineer? 

"I adore our team. Everyone is highly supportive and result-driven and you have the opportunity to learn something new from every single team member. Our managers promote a work-life balance and the ability to improve through career-development. The team has really become my second family."

What are you looking forward to the most in 2019?  

"I'm looking forward to more task diversity and less routine, which would allow me to learn some new skills. I'm also planning to take a language class this fallPersonally, I couldn’t be more excited for my son, who is turning one year old this December to take his first steps."