Recall details from historical research and meeting notes instantly with Synap’s killer new global search tool!

Ashley Kramer wrote this on May 13, 2019

Looking for funds with holdings in “Apple”?

Searching for all mentions of a portfolio company that managers have invested in or are considering investing in?

Trying to spice up your own portfolio? Search for references to emerging strategies like “cryptocurrency” or “cannabis.”


With Synap’s powerful global search functionality, specific, granular searches like these are as a simple as Type. Filter. Enter. And Ta-da! Synap generates a detailed list of results searching through the contents of documents, notes, email communications, database fields and more.

This new feature is latest in series of releases designed to help research managers drive more efficiency in their research and due diligence practices by enabling them to recall the qualitative information captured throughout the diligence cycles easily.


What you can expect from Synap’s global search tool:

1. Search from anywhere and everywhere

Synap’s global search bar is located at the top of every screen making it quick and intuitive to search for any keyword from any screen in the application. One search engine is used to find every instance of the searched keyword across all of your research and due diligence information and intelligently ranks the results by relevance.

RMS Global Search

2. Narrow your results to find what you need

Take advantage of Synap’s activity tags to narrow your search results to specific kinds of research or due diligence activity. You can also fine-tune your search and find just what you’re looking for by filtering your results further to just notes or documents.

Filter Research Search Results

3. Bookmark your searches to use again later

Synap’s global search tool equips you with the ability to save your frequently used searches, including terms and filters, as bookmarks for future use. You can also send any search to another Synap user on your team as a link facilitating easier collaboration. 


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