Private Equity Workshop: Using Clienteer and WebVision for Intelligent Fundraising & Reporting

Lindsey Martin wrote this on February 21, 2019


A few weeks ago, we opened our doors to leaders in the asset management community for a workshop on Private Equity and how to tackle all aspects of marketing and servicing a PE fund within our Clienteer CRM and WebVision Investor Portal. The event provided an opportunity for our clients to walk through existing product functionalities and learn how their peers are using the systems to simplify their PE related processes. It also gave us a chance to hear valuable feedback on what feature and workflow enhancements would be beneficial in our products.  

During the workshop we took a deep dive into topics such as fundraising, quarter end valuation reporting, transaction management, and generation and distribution of notices to investors.

Effective Fundraising:

Tracking potential commitments and their related closings, fund capacities and stages are essential for driving an effective fundraising process. We demonstrated Clienteer's flexibility to pull in fields, documents, stages, and tasks right on screen as well as the ability to customize the platform to fit each team's fundraising process. These types of features make it easy to know exactly where you're at with every prospect in your pipeline and forecast when your deals will close. What's more, with WebVision, participants were able to see how easy it is to give prospects secure access to marketing information via their website and monitor their engagement. Having this kind of data on hand empowers your sales team to intelligently target their most interested prospects. 

Transaction Management and Quarter End Valuation Tracking:

Many participants expressed they struggled with an effective way to capture calls and distributions as they occur. As a solution, we demonstrated how users could leverage Clienteer's transaction screen to log all on-going transactions for each of their PE funds. By managing transactional workflow within the platform, users can ensure all required steps to confirm calls and distributions are completed and accessible to their team for reporting and up-to-date fund information. Quarter-end valuations are streamlined by importing data from a fund administrator or internal accounting team into Clienteer which allows users to quickly see key account metrics such as remaining commitment percentage and amount unfunded. Centralizing all relevant transaction information in one platform makes reporting inclusive of all the firm's funds and provides a comprehensive view of each client's total investment. 

 Generation and Distribution of Notices and Statements:

The most widely discussed topic at our workshop was Clienteer’s ability to generate calls, distributions, and statements using Excel and Word Merge functionalities. We showed participants how to utilize their administrator's or accounting team's final numbers in conjunction with the investor account information in Clienteer to streamline the creation of these documents.

Then, we demonstrated how easy it is to distribute them to the right account stakeholders using Clienteer's powerful DocQueue. This tool allows users to consolidate, collate, and distribute complex reporting packages secured with watermarks and password protection en masse.

While some of our users send their notices and statements directly from Clienteer, many have achieved higher levels of investor engagement and process optimization by publishing finalized documents to their WebVision investor portal. Because of WebVision and Clienteer's seamless integration, it's as simple as publishing finalized documents once in Clienteer and pushing a button to export them to your website for permissioned individuals to securely access on demand. What's more, clients who are taking advantage of WebVision's auto-notify feature have auto-generated emails sent to investors every time a new document is added; fostering engagement even more.

At the end of the workshop, we spent some time reviewing Clienteer's and WebVision's product roadmaps with the group. Our product team answered participants' questions and listened to their ideas and suggestions for new features. Because the private equity industry is always changing, hearing candid feedback directly from our users helps ensure our products are continually evolving to meet those needs.

As an organization, we view these events as an integral part of our client success program. Hands-on product workshops help our users maximize the value in our software solutions, and hopefully, they walk away with at least one useful product tidbit that will make their lives easier.

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