Introducing a New Face for Clienteer: Clienteer Web

Ashley Kramer wrote this on July 19, 2018

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Clienteer Web, the latest addition to Clienteer, the industry's most versatile investor relations, and fund marketing platform!   

clienteer web

Clienteer Web makes the core relationship management, sales, and marketing capabilities of Clienteer’s desktop application available via your favorite browser, giving you one more feature-full way to use the asset management industry’s preferred cloud-based CRM solution.  Clients can now utilize Clienteer as a desktop, web, or mobile application across all windows, mac, and mobile operating systems. 

This addition to the Clienteer product suite helps asset managers take fund marketing to a new level, allowing teams who focus on capital raising to stay organized and easily capture the important client-related data they need most. 

Because fund marketing teams are often traveling, the fact that Clienteer Web requires no installation and works with all major browsers, makes it easy to get up and running anywhere, anytime.   

Business development teams can take advantage of robust pipeline management tools designed specifically for the asset management industry.  They can also leverage drag-and-drop board views to manage changes in the status of sales opportunities and track custom metrics based on their own unique sales processes. 

Using Clienteer to raise assets and manage a pipeline of investor subscriptions and redemptions activity makes it easy to maintain accurate information as well as forecast asset flows more precisely.   

Clienteer’s dynamic email distribution tool also enables users to send targeted marketing email campaigns and measure their success.  All of these features combined ensure fund marketers never miss a beat in the office or while on the road drumming up new business.  

"We designed Clienteer Web's modern UI and convenient accessibility with our business development users in mind, to arm them with the intuitive functionality they need to manage fund sales and marketing activities," stated Avi Giladi, VP of Engineering.  "Working closely with our beta clients we identified key functionality sets and fine-tuned them for the initial release."  

Client feedback and feature suggestions have always been an integral part of our software development and release cycles.  Staying close to our core users enables our product development teams to refine the industry workflows built into our products and ensures we can enhance and add functionality to meet the ever-evolving needs of the asset management industry. 

Moving forward, we will continue expanding Clienteer Web's feature-set to include even more of the tools that make its desktop-based cousin the preferred system for hundreds of fund managers across the globe.   

The addition of Clienteer Web to the suite of mobile and desktop tools that make up the Clienteer platform marks the beginning of a new era for the industry’s most extensive and configurable relationship management solution.  

Clienteer users now have unprecedented optionality in how they access and enhance their CRM data, something no other provider can match.  To learn more about our product offerings and flexible deployment options visit