$9 Billion Traditional Asset Manager Improves Communication & Reporting with Imagineer Software

Ashley Kramer wrote this on December 06, 2018

For many traditional asset management firms, tracking funds' asset flows, managing advisor and consultant relationships, and effectively marketing fund offerings can often be a tedious process.

This was no different for the mutual fund marketing and client services team at a New York based $9 billion AUM asset manager. After seeing the success of their colleagues on their hedge fund team achieved in automating critical, yet error-prone processes such as investor communication, report distribution, and investor account balance and transaction reporting, they were ready to explore utilizing Clienteer and WebVision for their own marketing and reporting needs.

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This team's reasons for implementing our software were three fold:

1. The mutual fund team was struggling to keep up with the burden of on-going client and prospect communications and needed to implement a battle-tested system.

2. They lacked overall insights into the asset flows of their funds based on client purchases and sales which made servicing them more difficult.

3. They understood that centralizing all client and prospect data would enable them to share information across their teams more efficiently, achieve better client service through enhanced communication, and foster agile decision making across the firm.

Download their success story to discover how the asset manager, together with the help of Imagineer, successfully implemented a powerful solution that lowers the cost of servicing client and advisor accounts while increasing client satisfaction and saving thousands of man-hours per year.

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