Get to Know Our New CEO Jeremie Bacon, in an Exclusive Interview on Bootstrapping in America

Ashley Kramer wrote this on March 07, 2018

It all started nearly two decades ago on a cold December day in Chicago when Jeremie began his journey in the Financial Services and technologies industries by taking a position at Goldman Sachs. After several years there, he left to become a software entrepreneur – cofounding and/or directly starting a number of companies and backing many more as an angel investor. His most recent venture was as co-founder Synap Software Labs, a provider of investment research, due diligence and account management platforms.

Announced just last week, we’ve joined forces with the Synap team to capitalize on our shared vision to provide the best portfolio of cloud-based software and services to the asset management industry. This interview explores our combined companies’ journeys up to the merger, and the importance the role culture and shared values play in building successful companies, like Imagineer. There’s even a discussion on M&A and the joys of running ultramarathons!

Watch the full interview here.

And, in case you missed it, read about our merger announcement here.