Exciting New Updates in the Latest Clienteer Release!

Ashley Kramer wrote this on March 14, 2019

Clienteer, our robust fund marketing and investor relations platform, just released a set of new features designed to expand the capabilities of its web application and enhance the level of customization available to each of our clients. For Clienteer Web's rapidly growing user base, our product team focused most of its efforts on bringing more functionality to the application.   Additionally, they made a point to take the platform's level of customization capabilities to new heights, helping our clients to further craft their experience with Clienteer based on their unique internal processes.

 Here are some of the new features you can expect in our latest update: 

 Clienteer Web:    

  • Timeline Screen: This release features a new screen called the Timeline which enables each user to see all the interactions across the firm captured in one place. You can use the search bar to find a specific email, meeting or note, or even filter for only key pieces of correspondence that have been starred. The Timeline Screen makes it easy to stay abreast of all the firm's external interactions with investors, prospects and third parties.   
    Clienteer Timeline Screen for activity tracking
  • Fund and Accounts Screens: In Clienteer Web, you have the ability to view all investor accounts, funds and the related details on the newly added Account and Funds Screens. With these screens now available on the web platform, you can add new funds on the fly, access saved views and quickly filter for data.  

  • Fund One Pager Report: With the latest update, you can quickly generate a Fund One Page Report right out of Clienteer. This report is a tear sheet that compares your fund-level returns or account performance to different benchmarks using data from the platform. You determine the fund, select a template, decide on the indices for comparison, and a choose date range. This flexibility allows you to easily adjust the tear sheet to meet the needs of particular investors and prospects. 

  • Link Tracking and Document Watermarking: Similar to Clienteer Desktop, you can now embed a link within the body of your group email in Clienteer Web and track which recipients clicked on this link. You can convert a document or website to a trackable link, which can be useful in cultivating a deeper understanding of how your clients and prospects interact with your content.  Additionally, you are now able to apply personalized watermarks to documents within Clienteer Web, helping to minimize the risk when sending out document distributions to investors or prospects. 

Clienteer Desktop: 

  • Customize Fund and Account Screens' Names: You can now change fund and account nomenclature anywhere within Clienteer. For example, you can rename Funds to Deals or Products to more align with your firm's process. 
  • Fund Screen User Defined Fields: Another great new feature in this version is the ability to create custom fields and adjust the layout on the Fund Screen, giving you even more flexibility in how you use Clienteer.  With this enhancement, you can tailor the fields and layouts for all the different types of funds you manage such as retail, private equity, SMA, and/or hedge funds.  The new feature builds upon the already highly flexible Clienteer platform, allowing clients to capture data that is important to their organization easily.

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