How a $1.6B Hedge Fund Migrated to Clienteer to Streamline Investor Account Management & Reporting

Ashley Kramer wrote this on April 10, 2018

Early in 2017, a successful California based hedge fund made the critical decision to re-evaluate their investor relations processes. A key driver was the fact that, as their business had matured and the demands of their sophisticated clientele increased, they came to realize their existing CRM software was unable to keep up.


This in-depth case study takes a detailed look at this firm’s reason for converting to Clienteer CRM, their migration process and their current use of the newly deployed CRM.

As a lean but agile firm, they knew that streamlining operations and empowering their employees through technology that helps them do their jobs is essential to their long-term success. Thanks to the improved CRM experience, their monthly account transactions, and balances import process have drastically improved and they’ve been able to leverage several of Clienteer’s built-in reports to automate their processes further.

To read the full story on this firm’s conversion to Clienteer, download the case study here.