Bringing the Netflix Model to Your Fundraising Process...

Ashley Kramer wrote this on March 11, 2016

Gone are the good old days of the TV guide. Kicking back on the sofa, enjoying your microwaved Swanson TV dinner with the family while tuning in to your favorite Thursday night sitcom. Sure, this might not have been your favorite show, and you might have already seen this episode before, but hey, this is what’s on.

While many of us wax poetic about the pre-tech glory days, the nostalgia tends to wear off a bit when we think of doing without the new media delivery model: more choices, more options...all on demand. While the Netflix model has changed the way we expect to consume media, it leaves you wondering how you can get prospective clients to “binge watch” your presentations? 

1. Website is the new email:

By creating a dedicated venue for its own creative material, Netflix was able to ditch the old broadcast television model and begin to play by its own rules by allowing users to login when they want and watch what they want.

Imagineer Tip:

Give your Prospects and Clients the ability to access materials at their own convenience using a secure web portal like Imagineer’s Webvision. No more email demands for DDQs, phone call requests for performance history or details on a new fund you are marketing. All traffic can now flow through your own branded website via unique log in credentials for each interested party where information specific to their needs can be posted any time and  accessed on demand based on user permissions you control. 

2. Cater to an unbreakable investor base:

While it might seem creepy that Netflix is tracking your affinity for a 1980’s animal-themed cartoon series, their ability to suggest similar titles or genres based on previous viewing history allows them to keep their users engaged upon login. By presenting them with what they want, improves their efficiency in navigating the app and searching for content that is in line with their tastes and preferences.

Imagineer Tip:

Understand your prospects. What category prospect are they? What needs have they expressed in past meetings or engagements? What details are they most likely to key in on during Due Diligence meetings. Arm yourself with all available data from your CRM so that when you have their attention, you keep their attention. Asset managers have leveraged Clienteer (an industry specific CRM) to track and manage all key prospect details and past communications. Using similar tools efficiently allows you to better understand who you are in dialogue with, and how to maintain that dialogue moving forward. 

3. No more playing Marco Polo:

By designing a simple-to-use, intuitive user interface that is optimized for all device types, Netflix allows its users to log in and find a comfortable layout, user-catered viewing suggestions and information that they are likely to be interested in. 

Imagineer Tip:

Provide your Prospects with a dashboard, showing them previously viewed documents, popular materials and other details that make their consumption of your marketing materials or other firm or fund information simple and straightforward. Understanding your users tastes and needs can ultimately make for a more positive user experience and allow you to easily target your most engaged prospects with the information they are most interested in.  

4. Wet hot American data:

Netflix is renowned for making big bets on big data when it comes to investing in projects. As reported by the New York Times, House of Cards was developed using insight from 33 million users viewing preferences (genres, actors, etc.) making a Kevin Spacey Political Thriller vehicle not a large gamble, but a borderline sure thing. 

Imagineer Tip: 

Regardless of the substance of the material you distribute, there is insight that can be gained based on readership numbers, forwards and the like. Send your materials to prospective clients using an open or forward tracking CRM system to glean valuable information about your target audience. When are they most likely to open your emails? Which campaigns have had a greater success margin? Which investment topics have struck a chord? Don’t leave all this valuable “Meta Data” off the table.

Learn more about what Clienteer (CRM) and Webvision (Investor Portal) can do for your marketing and investor engagement efforts.