Automate Research Processes and Share Analytical Data Across Teams in the Latest Synap Release

Ashley Kramer wrote this on March 28, 2019

Synap Software Update

Our Synap product team has been hard at work over the past several months on a variety of exciting updates to the qualitative research management platform. For this major release, the team focused on ways to help research teams implement automated due diligence workflows, build structure around note-taking and foster collaboration across both qualitative and quantitative research teams.

Here’s a quick look into these features:

1. Automated Workflows

Synap Automated WorkflowsThe new, automated workflow function in Synap enables research analysts to accurately work through the due diligence process. Each time a new or ongoing diligence process for an investment starts, you can use the workflow tool to automatically orchestrate a set of tasks that need to be completed. Synap will assign each task to the appropriate research analysts, calculate due dates, manage task sequences, and more. Additionally, Synap will let you know when tasks are assigned to you, when the tasks you assign are completed, or become overdue, thanks to helpful notifications. This helps assure that every step is completed to your organization’s standards without the hassle of tracking everything manually in a spreadsheet or out-dated software.

2. Manager & Investment Research Note Templates

Synap Dynamic Note TemplatesSynap’s note template feature empowers you to effectively build structure around manager and investment research notes for the various stages of your investment process.  After you meet with a manager or conduct an analysis, use the note template to generate an outline for the note automatically, tag it with the appropriate categories, and embed a form to record structured data. All you need to do is add in the meeting commentary and any relevant documents to complete the note. This ensures your teams capture the relevant data points each time they meet with a manager and maximizes the searchability of the data. 

3. Connect your Qualitative and Quantitative research data, with the Solovis and Synap Integration

 Solovis Syanp integration fields

Solovis is a multi-asset class portfolio analysis and management platform designed for limited partners and asset allocators. The newly released integration enables clients of both platforms to quickly navigate between funds in Synap and their analytic information in Solovis. This powerful integration eases data-entry burdens by importing selected data from Solovis to your funds and management companies in Synap and sending field data back to Solovis. Best of all, this integration was designed with end-user in mind, so there's no need to engage a consultant or developer to determine which fields you want to sync between the two systems and their original application source.