A History Lesson: Imagineer's Journey in the Investment Management Industry

Erol Dusi wrote this on November 08, 2018

It’s hard to believe 20 years have passed since Imagineer Technology Group came into existence. It definitely has been a fascinating journey - filled with hard work, great relationships, endless learning experiences and personal growth.  

When I started Imagineer in 1998, with the help of my brother, my goal was to bring technology to businesses in ways they could not achieve on their own - consulting and engineering solutions for problems and/or challenges firms faced as they strove for growth. Our tagline described it well: “if you can imagine it, we can engineer it.”  Right off the bat, this immersed us in our clients’ worlds, providing the opportunity to learn from them directly. We mastered the ability to listen carefully and translate what we learned into technology solutions.   

ITG 20 year anniversaryParty

Very early on, I ran into an acquaintance in the elevator of the Empire State Building where we had our offices. He and his partner were running a successful fund of funds and were struggling with managing their investor relationships and communications. That “chance” meeting (one of many wonderful miracles) led to a successful consulting engagement, where Imagineer developed an investor portal and internal system for managing their investor relations functions. (Thank you, Jack Doueck and Ricky Rudy!)    

That engagement led to other introductions within the private fund world - funds, administrators and other related parties. Realizing this was an industry that could benefit from our expertise, it became our market focus.  As a result, we developed our platforms revolving around investor relations, investor portals, and research and due diligence for asset allocators.   

We were very fortunate to sign on sizeable clients early on who realized the necessity of more robust technology to grow their businesses – every win a miracle of its own. With our core client base, each year brought its own opportunities. After the 2008 financial crisis, we saw increased interest from funds that needed to satisfy their investors’ demand for more transparency and deal with regulatory compliance. Our flagship product, Clienteer, was a perfect fit for funds looking to centralize all investor, account and compliance data in one place and make it accessible to all departments including business development marketing, investor relations, compliance, and executive reporting.  WebVision, our fund marketing, file sharing, and reporting platform provided their investors the access and transparency they required, securely and intelligently.   

In 2011, we opened our family to take in another, the Kemmons Wilson family, as an investor in Imagineer. With shared values and outlook, KWC provided growth capital and business guidance to Imagineer with a long-term investment. This year this partnership allowed us to merge with and bring Synap on as an additional product to serve the allocator market and just as importantly broaden our management team with the addition of Jeremie Bacon, Michael Boeke and Matt Mitchell, who have years of industry experience within our core markets.   

We have been blessed with an amazing team of professionals (each one is a miracle) all around the globe, with a presence in the USA (New York, Chicago), Ukraine, Israel, United Kingdom, Poland, and Jordan. I am truly amazed by the care, dedication, and integrity each individual continues to bring to the team.   

As we continue to grow – today about 300 customers and 75 teammates globally – we are continually listening to our clients and looking to improve their day, one click at a time. Our core values of integrity, openness, pragmatism, and gratitude define who we are as a group and allow us to succeed by helping our clients do the same.   

I am grateful to all our friends and clients for making this the incredible journey it has been thus far, and I look forward to its continuation.