10 Questions to Ask During a RMS Reference Call

Lindsey Martin wrote this on April 19, 2019

Stage 5: RMS Reference Calls

You're at the point in your quest for a new research management solution where you've shortlisted a few possible vendors. How exciting! You know that means? It's reference call time!

Reference calls provide a fruitful opportunity to speak directly with users of the actual platforms and get a feel for their experience both with the software itself and the vendor. Because reference calls typically last only 15-30 minutes, it's essential to come equipped with a plan to ensure you cover everything needed to make an informed decision. We've compiled a list below of must-ask questions to help ensure your firm is asking the right questions during your RMS reference calls:

1. What factors made you choose [insert RMS solution name]? What were the pain points that this system helped solve?

2. Did you review other research management systems before choosing this particular RMS? If so, which providers did you consider and why did you not select them?

3. Has user adoption for this system been positive or negative? Could you share how your team has adjusted to using a new system, and any struggles you've had in implementing it into your firm's research practice?

4. Were there any unforeseen costs that were incurred during implementation or your on-going engagement with this system?

5. How complete is the integration with this RMS and other internal systems you have in place? Also, how difficult is the maintenance of these integrations?

6. When receiving product updates, do you experience any business delays or issues? How often do you receive updates?

7. Could you tell me more about the vendor behind this RMS solution and their support team? Have you had any issues with responsiveness or helpfulness?

8. What is the best aspect of this RMS system, and what is your biggest struggle with it?

9. If you started a new job at a different firm, would you want to use the same system again?

10. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Having detailed conversations surrounding user adoption, implementation experience, vendor service, and platform flexibility can give you invaluable insight into what your own experience will be if you select that RMS solution.

We hope this initial list of questions will help guide you during your reference call sessions and ultimately help you find your perfect solution.

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